Đây là bộ 29 từ vựng giờ Anh chuyên ngành công nghệ thông báo (thịnh hành nhất) mà lại bất cứ dân IT nào cũng đề nghị.

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29 Từ Vựng Tiếng Anh Chulặng Ngành Công Nghệ Thông Tin

Từ vựngĐịnh nghĩa
monitorThe video screen used to lớn display information on the computer.Ví dụ:I work on the computer most of the day. I find that using a bigger monitor reduces (lessens) the strain on my eyes.
connectThe action of establishing (making) communication with the Internet or with another device (computer equipment) such as a monitor, modem, etc.Ví dụ:Can you please show me how to connect my máy vi tính to the central printer?
installphối up or make a computer or application (software program) ready for use.Ví dụ:On my first day of work, my supervisor sent the technical tư vấn team khổng lồ install a new computer for me.
networkA system of connected computers and other devices such as printers that exchange data with each other.Ví dụ:Before we open for business, I need to lớn get my office computer network set up and tested.
bootturn on a computer và have sầu it ready for use.Ví dụ:There seems lớn be a problem with my máy tính xách tay. It wouldn’t boot upthis morning.
accessentering và using a computer, website or application.Ví dụ:This is a shared computer only for the use of our department. You can get the password from me if you need to lớn access it.
log inthe process where you enter certain information before you’re allowed lớn access a website or application.Ví dụ:I’ve forgotten my password so I can’t log in to Gmail anymore.
downloadtransferring data or information from a main computer source khổng lồ another device.Ví dụ:I need khổng lồ tải về the photos of my business trip khổng lồ my computer for today’s presentation.
upgradebring the computer (or other device) up to lớn date with the lathử nghiệm hardware or software.Ví dụ:Our management is confident that our business will improve if we upgrade to the lakiểm tra computer equipment.
analyzeexamine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, especially information), typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation.Ví dụ:This is not a problem with a simple solution. We need time to analyze why your máy tính won’t boot up.
browselook over information casually without being too detailed.Ví dụ:Before you come khổng lồ the meeting, please browse online to lớn get some ideas of the current trends in office furniture.
filea collection of data or information organized under a specific name và stored in a computer’s thư mục.Ví dụ:Please save each year’s sales data in a different tệp tin for easy reference.
bloga trang web where you write about your personal experiences, opinions & interests.

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Ví dụ:Our company’s blog offers a lot of useful information and tips on how lớn use our products in different ways.
baông xã upmaking a copy of data and files lớn protect them against accidental loss.Ví dụ:It’s always a good idea to baông xã up your computer regularly.
performhow fast a computer can process information.Ví dụ:Are you sure that my computer will perkhung better if I tăng cấp my RAM (computer memory)?
Applicationa program that is designed lớn perform or a deliver a specific function for a user.Ví dụ:spreadsheet applications
Algorithma process based in calculations or problem-solving operations, especially in a computer.Ví dụ:Music apps use algorithms khổng lồ predict the probability that fans of one particular bvà will like another.
Buga term that is used khổng lồ describe a problem or a fault in a program or a computer that prevents it from working properly.Ví dụ:A bug caused the company’s computer system khổng lồ crash.
Cookiesbits of data that a computer uses to lớn collect information on your browsing history.
Cursora symbol that is used to lớn show the current position of your mouse on your computer’s monitor.Ví dụ:You can move the cursor by using the mouse
DatabaseA database is an organized mix of data stored in an easily accessible manner.Ví dụ:You have sầu lớn enter a password khổng lồ access the database.
FolderA folder is a virtual location where files, other folders, or computer programs can be stored.
Hard driveA hard drive sầu is a memory device that is stored inside a computer and stores data & information.
Hardwarethe wiring and physical components of a computer or electronic system.Ví dụ:The thieves stole thousands of pounds worth of computer hardware.
Icona small graphic that represents a program or file
Servera computer system that provides services lớn other computer programs and stores them all in one placeVí dụ:The VPS is down again.
Softwareall of the operating information & programs used by a computer.Ví dụ:He works for a software company.
Source Codethe text collection of computer instructions that is compiled into a computer program.Ví dụ:The software company has only shared its source code with close partners và carefully chosen organizations.
Virusa piece of corrupted code which destroys data và hurts a computer’s system, often corrupting programs or forcing them to shut down.Ví dụ:I got a vi khuẩn alert when I downloaded my tin nhắn.

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