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a drawing of a building, town, area, vehicle, machine, etc. that only shows its shape from above, its kích cỡ, and the position of important details:
a method for doing or achieving something, usually involving a series of actions or stages, or something you have arranged khổng lồ do:
a drawing that shows the shape, form size, & position of important details of a building or other structure, or of objects within it:
have sầu plans/no plans to lớn vì sth A representative sầu of the bank said it had no plans to make further cuts in its bonus rates.
under a plan A further 2,500 job cuts are planned for this year under a plan to save sầu €1.3bn in costs.
a strategic/financial/marketing plan Operations that vị not fit the firm"s overall strategic plan are currently being sold off.
have/come up with/draw up a plan You will need to have sầu a plan lớn cover start-up expenses while you grow your business.
announce/unveil/reveal a plan The telecommunications giant yesterday announced a restructuring plan.
outline/formulate/finalize a plan Over the next few months, the board will finalize its plans for meeting the 20đôi mươi mandate on carbon dioxide emissions.

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abandon/shelve/scrap a plan Plans to expand into lớn Spain & Portugal were shelved during the recession last year.
keep to/stiông xã to/follow a plan By sticking to lớn our original plan, we finally made a success of the business.
agree/adopt/implement a plan Get your team around the table & agree a plan of action to lớn give more attention to detail.
a plan involves/includes sth A new €30 million investment plan announced Friday includes the construction of new plants.
a detailed drawing or diagram of a machine or building that shows the different parts, rooms, etc., including their kích thước và shape:
earlier/longer/less, etc. than planned Installing the new computer system has taken far longer than planned.
plan khổng lồ vì sth In February of this year, the company filed for bankruptcy, & it plans to lớn auction its assets in late May.

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plan (on) doing sth She plans on working as a freelance consultant once she has left her current role.
Section 1 review the relevant literature on retirement plans and saving, education và saving, & behavioral economics.
Since many immigrants are planning to lớn stay only temporarily, they frequently want khổng lồ work extra hours khổng lồ earn more.





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