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Frigatebird involves an obvious comparison of the bird"s shape and flight with a frigate skimming across the sea while hunting for prey.
A number of frigates are scheduled to come out over the next few years, and the replacements will not be coming in.
Our policy at present is to maintain a surface fleet of about 50 destroyers and frigates, and three carriers.
However, there has been no clearly stated rationale for the planned reductions to "about 40" destroyers and frigates.
In 1989–90 an average of 42 out of 48 destroyers and frigates were available for operational deployment either immediately or within a short period.
The first of the antisubmarine frigates to be converted from destroyers is expected to be in service by the autumn.
There will be six new aircraft carriers, eight new destroyers, 24 frigates and nearly 200 minesweepers, patrol boats.
The conversion of one of these destroyers into an anti-submarine frigate role will cost something of the order of half-a-million pounds.
We adhere to what we said in the defence review debates last summer about the numbers of destroyers and frigates that we shall maintain.
But at the same time we shall be introducing into service seven new type 42 destroyers and four type 22 frigates.
During that war we lost five battleships, eight aircraft carriers, twenty-eight cruisers, 139 destroyers, eighty-three submarines, fifty-two frigates and fifteen armed merchantmen.
Similarly, with aircraft types and with ships, where the different types of frigates and destroyers bear little resemblance to each other.

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