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The Power to Manage Liquidity, Enterprise Wide

CFOs have had a tough balancing act: How to pursue strategic growth initiatives, while still minding risk?

What’s needed is a strategic approach khổng lồ treasury and finance that elevates the impact of liquidity to lớn generate new value by gaining greater control over its uses— especially in volatile markets. We call this Enterprise Liquidity Management




Expand the abilities of treasury and finance, using liquidity as a lever to build value.

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Empowering CFO and Treasurers’ decision-making can transform liquidity & the deployment of cash resources into key assets in the enterprise’s financial armoury. See, move, protect và optimise cash and other financial assets with informed confidence.

View our liquidity solutions Enterprise Liquidity Management Platform

The Enterprise Liquidity Management Platform connects systems, applications và data that strengthens an organization’s capability to improve financial performance. This unifies best-in-class treasury, risk management, payments và working capital solutions with external partners, including global banks, market data providers, trading platforms & third-party applications.


CFO’s can now have confidence in data và reports by using’s platform-based approach lớn treasury & finance that embraces the new challenges of Enterprise Liquidity Management. By leveraging a broad phối of automated processes và analytical insights, CFO’s can now strategically plan & use cash for value creation & better financial outcomes.

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Global SaaS Operations

A robust, secure và encrypted multi-tenant SaaS solution reduces time và costs and increase agility và speed lớn market compared with on-premise applications.’s SaaS model is always up khổng lồ date, always ready lớn go, & delivers superior ROI.

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APIs & connectivity services bind the platform entities, both within the corporation và with external business partners, enabling highly efficient straight-through processing. This expansive connectivity with banks, ERPs, trading platforms and other systems transforms visibility of cash, liquidity và financial exposures.

Liquidity Data Hub

Centralizing ERP and bank connectivity builds an enterprise wide, cash centric view. Visibility into cash, risk & liquidity has never been easier. BI-enabled data visualizations provide insights and decision tư vấn across the Active Liquidity Network to lớn dramatically improve decision-making.

Security provides comprehensive data security, protecting users from fraud & cybercrime, with the assurance of SOC1 and SOC2 Type II phân tích và đo lường certification.

The Value of Activating Enterprise Liquidity

After years of global economic expansion, many experts are forecasting uncertain times ahead. With, treasury & finance leaders are in an advantageous position. They can see everything when it comes lớn their global cash, liquidity và risk exposures; và they can execute their strategies more easily và efficiently.