Dirt 4 review: "the series has always been unforgettable

Dirt 4 has just one expectation of its players: Enjoy racing. It will take care of the rest.

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Experienced, novice, casual, committed, oto buff, adrenaline junkie or anything in between, Dirt 4 has a sweet spot for everyone & it takes no time lớn find it. The game"s most profound strength is the unlimited variety and replayability offered by a simple course creation tool, which is well suited khổng lồ rally racing"s basic appeal: hurtling into lớn something new and unknown with nerve sầu, skill & flat-out tốc độ.

Of course, it"s essential to lớn a racing game that the driving action be distinct and understandable across multiple vehicles classes & numerous surfaces, from taut blacktop to waterslide mud and dry, pillow-soft, well, dirt. Codemasters has been so trustworthy in this duty that the handling và traction of Dirt 4 can almost be taken for granted.

The game offers two handling settings to lớn accommodate racers: Gamer, a more forgiving cài đặt, và simulation, which is more challenging. There are still perceptible differences in the vehicle handling & surface traction on the easier Gamer setting. Simulation showcases these differences more, but even in the casual setting I felt like I could bias the braking, front or baông chồng, in my pre-race adjustments & give sầu myself — và meaningfully use — a little less steer on pavement or a little more on gravel.

Dirt 4"s fundamental appeal is in the reckless handling of rally racing, after all. The dirty secret of all racing video clip games is that folks coast into lớn the turns, drift, and occasionally brake by hitting a wall or an opponent. Dirt 4 was a license lớn sling gravel through every turn of a rally course, counter-steering to my heart"s nội dung. Hatchbaông xã door banging, shredded tire throwing sparks, exhaust farting in the turns like a wild pony, I still snipped the finish line in a respectable third place in Australia.


Racing a clean lap is always an admirable goal, but Dirt 4 knows the majesty of its sport is flat-out hooning through gritted teeth. Getting inkhổng lồ these adverse situations won’t fail the race, but you still have sầu to lớn extricate yourself from them. In Wales, I was allowed khổng lồ skid off the outside shoulder of an open hairpin và, with my entire rear axle scrambling for traction like Scooby-Doo running away from a ghost, still make a clean getaway to lớn first place.

I found a big difficulty spike, though, between the fourth AI difficulty, "demanding" & "tough," its hardest setting. Unless the course is raced perfectly, beating a "tough" AI field requires using a manual transmission at minimum, và maybe other advanced options, to get off the line at top speed và recover from otherwise costly mistakes down the course. There is still plenty of racing enjoyment in Dirt 4"s less complex settings, but experienced racers will probably blow away a bot field rated anything less than tough, while newcomers stand little chance against the top setting.


The timed, straight-ahead rally is Dirt 4"s bread và butter, and it has two series, one for modern cars & another for heritage vehicles of the 1970s, 80s & 90s. Then there"s the Lvà Rush, which is a circuit course for buggies (most fun) trucks (fun, but always a crapshoot, which is still fun in its own way) & the inscrutable crosskarts (no fun). There is an officially branded World Rallycross championship, which is racing against a live field on real-world courses of variable surfaces. This is the hairiest series, especially in multiplayer, và requires a user lớn make precise entries inkhổng lồ each turn of the first lap to lớn have sầu any shot at clearing the pack.

Dirt 4 encourages the user to try all of it with a persistent career layer that applies sponsorship goals & team branding lớn the oto in every sự kiện. Players will be asked khổng lồ nâng cấp their support staff, their truyền bá, their sponsorships, and facilities that enhance all three. The game didn"t set any rigid path for developing my racing team. I pursued the quick-money multipliers first, to earn cash for the vehicles I wanted, before settling on top-flight personnel and the amenities that would keep them happy. I felt that I could have sầu done the opposite and still found success.

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The best thing I can say for Dirt 4 is that I never felt punished and I never felt babied. Seasoned racers know how hard it is for a game to thread that needle, without rubber-banding or cheap tricks at the edges. In every course, in every championship event, in every car was something for me và my tastes. Everyone wants to lớn win and feel lượt thích they earned it, và the variable difficulties, handling settings và driver AI delivered this again và again. Some of my best races were in the trucks series in Nevada, fending off that field of horny prom dates every single lap, feeling lượt thích I should win the whole time but mindful it could be lost in a careless instant.

If Dirt 4 fails at anything, it was only in selling me on the importance & value of that creation tool in the first place. Yeah, yeah, “creation” mode, OK, I"m busy with the career now. I"ll get khổng lồ that later.

No. You need to lớn see this.


It"s in the events thực đơn, under freeplay, in the rally or historic rally disciplines. (Two other racing series are available with customizable options but they race fixed courses.) Just two sliders, for length và complexity, are used lớn generate the course from five environments. That"s it. I could build a three-stage event in two minutes. It then became a full partner sự kiện in my career, with all the sponsorship bonuses & the lượt thích.

If I had a great run, if I really nailed that long hairpin turn midway through and slammed the door on the competition, or if I did OK but felt like I left a lot of seconds out there, there was always the option to lớn save sầu the stage & run it later. Thanks to lớn Dirt 4"s svào visual variety and, in particular, its lighting (which poses legitimate hazards depending on when and where you run), the generated courses looked as if they had been stamped on the disc by the creators themselves. Nothing seemed generic & easy, or bizarre and unrealistically complicated.

Go ahead and finish up the standard career on the standard courses offered. It"s a great introduction lớn the game"s different racing modes, khổng lồ Michigan"s muddy woods, or a rural highway in sun-baked Spain, or the snowy logging roads of Sweden. These stages are the basis for the online leaderboards after all.

This is not the real game though. The ease và variety of that stage creator is, & it will keep me coming back lớn Dirt 4 for months. It"s a big-picture toolkit, one that doesn"t allow me lớn manipulate corners or elevation or other granular details. But I wouldn"t visit an open-ended creation mode that did, nor bởi vì I really care lớn tweak the layout off a generated stage The point, I felt, is khổng lồ be given something unfamiliar và step up lớn its challenge.

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I"ve sầu never been more charmed by a racing đoạn phim game & I could not recommover any other more than Dirt 4, to lớn anyone of any ability. Dirt 4 is a joy. When Jen Horsey, one of two English-language co-drivers, cheerfully calls out "and left five over crest," it"s a bugle call. I"m on the gas with supreme confidence, rocketing into a gold medallion sunmix, holding tight to the moment in one of the great summertime video clip games of the past decade.

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