Đề Thi Anh Văn Học Phần 3 Ueh

Focus on common objectivesLet’s wait until we

1 __________

Share ideasCan I suggest that ?

2 __________

Be open about thoughts và feelingsFrankly, I’m concerned that…

3 ___________

Show empathyI can see you’re

4 ___________

Offer supportWould it be for me to…?

5 ___________

Show trust in othersBased on , how bởi vì you think we can…?

6 ____________

Answer key:


Exercise 2: Match each phrase (a–j) with one of the tips (1-8)

1. Approach people proactively và enthusiastically, and present useful information about yourself.2. Ask questions to lớn show you are xuất hiện and curious.3. Find common points to build the relationship between yourself & others.4. Volunteer to begin the round of personal introductions to lớn create a positive mood in the room.5. Build trust in yourself by giving details about your role, expertise và experience. 6. Show commitment và say something positive about working with the people in the room in the future. 7. Clearly show interest in what people have said during your first meeting with them. 8. Say goodbye to everyone. Offer support and express positive feelings about meeting again in the future. 

a. I really liked what you said about .

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b. I’m happy khổng lồ start .

c. I’m , from the office.

d. Oh really? Me, too.

e. My current job is .

f. If you need any help with , just let me know.

g. So vày you work ?

h. I know what you mean!

i. I joined .

j. I’m really delighted to lớn

Answer key:


Exercise 3: Use phrases a–h to complete the personal presentation below.

a. The job is quite stressfulb. If you need my help in any wayc. The main task wasd. I’m proud lớn be involvede. I’m based inf. I used to lớn work ong. It’s going khổng lồ be great working with you againh. I’m now responsible for implementing

So, my name’s Mike Foley và 1 ______ the thành phố new york office. I’ve been with the company now for around five years. I’ve always worked in IT. In the past, 2 ______ the service desk, that was my first job, mainly just for our U.S. Operations. 3 ______ troubleshooting some of the more complex issues. Since last year, I’ve been working far more internationally, mainly on projects, as 4 ______ new software solutions at Group level. What else? OK, I have lớn travel quite a bit; probably 30 percent of my time is on the road to lớn the USA, Canada and Latin American locations. I really enjoy it, but 5 ______ at times. I have to lớn say, I’m really excited to lớn be working on this project. I know a couple of you, & 6 ______ I guess we all understand that this is a really important project for the company, và 7 I’m proud lớn be involved Just finally, 8 ______, don’t hesitate lớn ask. I’m here lớn collaborate. Thank you very much!

Answer key:



Exercise 1: Complete the extract from a sales team meeting using phrases from the box below:

Requesting ideasContributing ideasResponding khổng lồ ideasDeveloping ideasMoving from idea lớn decision
Any thought on that/ on the matter? I think the best option is  There are pros and cons of bothIf I can add to that, So shall we try that?
What vày you think we should do?Why don’t we…?If we vị that, then it will Just picking up on what you said, …?Do we all agree with the idea to…?
What’s the best way to…?One option could be…I think it makes sense lớn …

Manuela: Tom, how are sales?

Tom: Not good. We’re around 25 percent down on target.

Manuela: So, we need to lớn increase sales. (1) ______ do? Jack?

Jack: (2) ______ organise a special promotion? Customers like discounts.

Tom: I’m not sure. (3) ______ we’ll damage our margin. I prefer khổng lồ cut staff.

Hugo: (4) ______ Tom said about margins, why not talk khổng lồ our suppliers and ask

for a special discount? That could pay for the promotion.

Manuela: Good idea. OK, (5) ______ that first? Jack, could you look into it more

and report back?

Answer key: 

What vị you think we shouldWhy don’t weIf we vì that, thenJust picking up on whatSo shall we try

Exercise 2: During the meeting: Referring to agreement/disagreement and Managing how long people speak

Match the beginnings & endings of these sentences.

1. I agree is really important, but I want to2. I think we actually agree that ,3. I realise that we (still) have different4. Can I stop you there?

a. Afraid

Answer key:


Exercise 3: Ending the meeting

Complete the phrases with the words in bold.

recap proposal progress step round

Referring khổng lồ follow-up actions 

Perhaps the next 1____ would be to .

My 2______ would be that

I’ll e-mail 3____ .

Summarising & closing

So, just khổng lồ 4____ everything, …

I think we have made really good 5_____

Answer key:


Exercise 4: Complete the table using the words in bold.

therefore important could vital request interested


l am writing to 1 __________ some more professional training.

I would 2________ lượt thích to attend ….

Please 3_______ you let me know if …


As | have just become project leader, it is 4__________ to lớn attend a leadership course.

It is 5________ to develop my skiIls, so that I can manage the team effectively.

Because registration closes soon …

I am 6_______ in developing my skills for dealing with conflict.

Answer key:


Exercise 5: Choose the function for the following phrases.

Would it be possible for me to vì a course?  I would appreciate it if I could …  I start work in Spain soon so I need to lớn study Spanish. I have just been promoted to manager so … I vị not have enough experience in this area.  It would be very helpful if I could attend a course.

Answer key:



Exercise 1: Match the phrases in bold with the categories a–g. Two phrases match one category.

I think we should continue to help the guys locally/ invest in new technology/ focus on training.This is simply too high/ expensive/ labour intensiveI’m really happy with the progress we’ve made in a number of areas/ with the advertising campaign/ in expanding our market share.I’m not sure that we’ll be able to continue with local production / meet our targets / achieve what we wanted.I’m very disappointed with the fist quarter number/ or lack of progress/ the customer feedback.We have lớn find a new approach to this/ deadling with disagreements/ kinh doanh going forwards.To be fair, we’re only a little over budget/ behing schedule/ below target.I’m sure that we can turn this around & get production up khổng lồ standard/ hit our targets/ get back on track.

Highlight positivesMinimize negativesEmphasize negativesShow confidenceExpress doubtSupport current strategyPropose changes

Answer key:

fcaecgdbExercise 2: Match the sentence beginnings (1–8) with the endings (a–h)Overall, I think things have goneWe just haven’t made enoughBut I’m extremely confident that weI don’t see how thisI think we simply need lớn keepThe market response wasOf course, there will be a fewI really think it’s time to

can work.will achieve our targets.setbacks and challenges.very well.look at alternative solutions.not what we were hoping for.doing what we’re doing.progress in growth areas.

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Answer key:


Exercise 3: Complete the phrases with the words below.



follow understanding

go over 




You would lượt thích clarification

There are a couple of things I’d lượt thích to 3_______.

Just to lớn confirm, ?

I’d lượt thích to double-check .

You didn’t understand or didn’t follow the ngắn gọn xúc tích of what was said

I’m having a little difficulty 2____ .

Sorry, I don’t 3_____ .

Can I talk you through the points I’m 4____ of?

I don’t knw if my notes are 5____. I wrote down… .Is that correct?

Can you 6____ that again for me?

You can’t remember the information

If I remember 7____. . Is that right?

Could you remind me ?

You didn’t hear or there were technical problems on the call

Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you say it again?

I lost you for a second. Could you ?

The sound went for a moment. Would you mind ?

You would lượt thích speciffic details 

Tell me, what exactly bởi the figures in column L 8_____ to?

More specifically, ?

Answer key:

clarifyunderstandingfollowunsurerightgo overcorrectlyrefer

Exercise 4: Paraphrasing means expressing what somebody has said using different words. Match each sentence with its paraphrased equivalent.

The meeting is going to lớn last all morningThe EBIT is too low at the moment.

We have to change that.

The timeline is across the vị trí cao nhất of the spreadsheet và the products are down the side.We simply don’t have enough staff at that moment và need more support.This first half year will see our hàng hóa line increasing by 50 percent.

What you’re saying is the columns are for weeks & the rows are for sản phẩm lines.OK, so that means we won’t be finished before 11 a.mIn other words, we’re going to lớn launch four new products before the summer. If I understood you correctly, you want to hire another salesperson.Putting it differently, we need to lớn increase our margins, right?

Answer key


Exercise 5: Complete the table using the words in the box.








raise recovery 


Overview/ IntroductiOn

2018 was a year of 1____ results và challenges.

The last year has seen the company 2___ may tough decisions.


The problems were 3____ by the strength of the dollar. 

This was largely as a 4____ of our entry into the Asian market.

Positive aspects

After a steady 5____ over two quarters, we achieved good results.

We were able to lớn 6____ our annual dividend by 2%.

Negative aspects

Sales 7____ by 5% in the second quarter.

We posted sales of $128 million, 8____ 5% on the previous year.

Future outlook

This gives us 9____ to be optimistic.

The forecast for the 10____ year looks promising.

Answer key:



Exercise 1: Complete the table with these phrases.

a Let finish , please.

b that’s really outside the scope of the

c Can we slow down a little?

d Can I stop you ?

e We can come back to later.

f I’d like to stick to the agenda .

Reminding of the agenda1________________


Managing dominant speakersSorry, can I just địa chỉ cửa hàng something here?


Managing interruptions we’ll come khổng lồ in a moment. vì chưng go on.


Postponing discussionWe vị need to giảm giá khuyến mãi with , but let’s finish first.


Reducing speedCould you just go over that idea again?


Pushing for a clear proposalBut what vị you actually suggest we vì chưng about ?

so ¡s your idea that we ?

Answer key


Exercise 2: Matching

a. Introduction or purpose statementb. Brief summary of problemc. Solution khổng lồ problemd. Plan, costs và schedulee. Conclusion1. The new công nghệ would enable us lớn …. 2. In order lớn solve this problem we need to …3. This proposal evaluates the use of … 4. Deliveries have failed lớn arrive on time. 5. It is expected that the initial costs would be … 6. In conclusion, we feel that …7. The proposal aims to assess … 8. The equipment could be installed immediately. 9. Lớn sum up, it is recommended that … 10. The most efficient option would be … 

Answer key


Exercise 3: Complete the table with these extracts.

a How about ? e Firstly, telLme about how this

Would that work? situation affects you.

b Yes, I think I can make that happen. f What are your priorities?

c How would you feel about ? g Let me make sure fully

d Yes, I can agree lớn that. unđerstand your perspective.

Establish the situationFirst, let’s look at the facts.

We need to accept the fact that {some job losses are inevitable>.



Explore the other’s values & needsHow could you imagine this working?



Offer suggestionsI think the best thing would be khổng lồ .

Maybe this suggestion would work.



Reach agreementThat sounds reasonable.



Answer key:


Exercise 4: Match the sentences with the categories (a–e).

a Introduction or purpose d Plan, costs & schedule

b Summary of problem e Conclusion

c Solution to lớn problem

1 khổng lồ sum up, we recommend further study. ___

2 This proposal evaluates the possible use of robots. ___

3 Recently, we have seen a dramatic fall in profits. ___

4 I, therefore, recommend that we accept the offer. ___

5 In order khổng lồ solve this problem, we need more staff. ___

6 I propose that we move production to Korea. ___

7 The new equipment could be installed next month. ___

8 The most efficient option would be lớn send someone lớn negotiate with them. ___