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-GENERAL ENGLISH 4UNETIUnit 1: HealthHEALTH1.b The secrets of long life(Week 2)UNIT 1OBJECTIVESAfter this part, students will be able to:• Use verb + noun collocations to lớn talk about leisure activities.• Use present continuous khổng lồ describe actions in progress (now or around now).• Know how to lớn listen to lớn get main idea and specific information.• Practise reading & speaking skills on the topic “Health và happiness”.OVERVIEW - NỘI DUNG1VOCABULARY – TỪ VỰNG2Matching wordsWord scramble
GRAMMAR - NGỮ PHÁP3Present Continuous TenseREADING và WRITINGWrite a reply khổng lồ an email1. VOCABULARY1 .1Put one of these words into the correct gap.transportgameswalkhours asleepbedexercise1. I take medicine every day for my sore throat.
2. She always takes public transport khổng lồ work.3. We often go for a long walk on Sundays.4. He sometimes falls walk in front of the television.Page 1emailsmedicine 5. I usually check my emails at night.6. They play computer games in their không tính tiền time.7. I go khổng lồ bed when I feel tired.8. He does exercise to keep fit.9. She works long hours asleep at the office.1 .2Word scrambleUnscramble the words to make verbs.1. Play2. Watch3. PELES4. Dance

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5. Work6. Read7. Drink8. SwimMatching words1 .3Match these words with the correct verbs.Words: busy cycling exercise football gardening hiking homework late the pianoshoppingstressed tennisBeLate,busy,stressedDoGoExercise,homework Cycling,shoppingPlayFootball,the piano
2. GRAMMAR2 .1Circle the correct option.1. I am rarely tired early in the mornings.2. What do you think of the government’s new health plan?3. I I’m often hungry in the evening.4. More & more people are changing their eating habits nowadays.5. Why vày teenagers sleep so many hours?6. Hurry up! We’re waiting for you!2 .2Read the sentences và correct the underlined parts. Tick (✓) if theunderlined part is correct. 1. Please be quiet – the children are taking a nap!✓2. I usually have fruit for dessert but today I’m wanting some vanilla ice cream.…… ✓……3. Even when he’s really tired, David always goes for a walk in the evening.…… ✓……4. My friend rides his xe đạp usually to lớn the office. ……usually rides his bike……5. We don’t often see her because she has moved khổng lồ the countryside. …… ✓……6. My pen friend from Sweden stays with us for a few days this week.
…… ✓……3. READING & WRITINGRead the writing task và answer the questions.This is part of an thư điện tử from a friend. Write a reply giving one or two pieces ofgood advice for each of the problems.I just can’t seem lớn get lớn sleep at night, so I watch late-night TV and then I can’twake up in the morning. Because I’m tired, I feel sick all day, so I don’t eat properly.Finally, I lượt thích playing sport but I’m too tired to vì chưng any exercise.1. Who is the e-mail to? My friend2. What must you write about? Advice for him3. Which of these would be suitable advice lớn give? Tick the circles.o go for a bicycle ride ✓o play computer gameso vị yogao play cardso visit the doctor ✓o eat healthy food ✓o play football ✓o do nothing4. Which is the best ending? Choose a, b or c. A. Thanks for your advice.b. You’ve been a great help.c. I hope the advice is useful. ✓5. Write the task presented in question 3.Email your friend’s health tips
P/S: The e-lectures are in the process of development. We hope khổng lồ have a better series for ourdear students. All feedback is welcome & appreciated. E-mail:khoangoaingu