The Low-Down!

The Logitech Z623 might be one of the best computer speakers available right now. Great value for money, incredible performance, and THX certification are all contributing factors that phối the system above sầu so many.

In terms of performance & sound unique, the Logitech 7623 is identical to the Z625. Logitech has basically just added a few extra input options and called it an tăng cấp. If having additional inputs are important khổng lồ you, then the Logitech Z625 might be a better option for you.

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Logitech Z623 Specs

Total Power nguồn Output200W RMS

AUX InputYes

Satellite Power35W each

Warranty2 years

Cheông chồng Price
The 2.1 surround sound speaker produces an outrageous 200 watts RMS power when paired with your computer or device. The result is that you will never have sầu to sacrifice loudness for clarity, the Z623 can vày it all.

The Logitech Z623 comes with a powerful subwoofer và two individual satellite speakers, which are blachồng in color và have sầu a sleek matte finish. The THX certification provides a standard that these speakers have to pass rigorous testing that few meet: deep bass, ample power & trusted performance.

The system has RCA và 3.5milimet inputs, which allows you khổng lồ connect a variety of computers, game systems, music players, DVD players & televisions at once. The 3.5milimet input đầu vào lets you listen to audio privately using the headphone jaông xã và integrated controls on the right satellite speaker make it easy to lớn adjust to lớn your preferences. With so many features & guaranteed performance, the Logitech Z623 might be just what you’re looking for in your next upgrade.

Logitech Z623 vs. Z625

In terms of performance và sound unique, the Logitech 7623 is identical khổng lồ the Z625. Logitech has basically just added a few extra đầu vào options and called it an nâng cấp.

The Logitech Z7623 features a single 3.5mm input đầu vào and an RCA input đầu vào, while the Logitech Z625 features an optical Input, two 3.5milimet đầu vào, an RCA input, as well as a headphone jachồng.


The Logitech Z623 speaker system comprises of three components: the two satellite speakers, and the subwoofer. The satellite speakers are 7.8 inches in height, 5.6 inches wide and 5.4 inches in depth. They can generally be placed on the sides of your desk & shouldn’t take up much space.

There are also rubber feet situated at the bottom of the satellite speakers lớn prsự kiện vibration and shaking when listening khổng lồ music at higher levels. The satellite speakers are designed lớn point at an upward angle, where the top of the speaker is narrow and the bottom is wide.

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The right satellite speaker has all the main controls attached lớn the front of it, whereas the left is smooth with just the driver. The right speaker controls include: power, volume, & bass. Each speaker has a front-firing, 2.5 inches in length, sealed driver that pushes the bass-forward.

The satellite speakers have a matte blachồng finish & the sealed drivers are enclosed by a soft subtle rubber và metal grill. The right speaker also has additional inputs being a 3.5milimet connection, AUX & headphone jack.



The subwoofer measures approximately 11.9 inches in height, 11.1 inches in depth and 10.4 inches in width. If you remove the grill you will notice the exact kích cỡ of the subwoofer is 7 inches, which raises the query if the subwoofer enclosing was made for a bigger system. However bởi not fret about saving a few inches of space, the Z623 subwoofer delivers some serious audio levels. If you really turn up the volume, your windows will begin lớn shake a little.

As previously stated the bass control is situated on the right satellite speaker, which can help adjust your subwoofer khổng lồ your preference. On the rear panel of the subwoofer you will notice a 3.5milimet đầu vào and a stereo RCA input đầu vào, which can be connected to lớn your computer directly. The satellite speakers will also need lớn be powered by an AC cable that comes included with the speakers.



Logitech speakers are surprisingly good because nobody expects a company that manufactures keyboards and mice lớn vì chưng so well in audio quality, but really they vì. Logitech purchased high-end earphone makers Ultimate Ears a few years ago, và every successive sầu generation of speakers have sounded better than the previous versions. With all these leaps và improvements we now arrive at the most important question, how does the Logitech Z623 really sound?

‘The sound performance of the Logitech Z623 is outstanding.’

The sound performance of the Logitech Z623 is outstanding, the two satellite speakers produce clean and crisp high notes và a very broad midrange. Each speaker delivers 35 watts & the subwoofer pushes 130 watts, making the Z623 the perfect option for any house các buổi party.

Behind the grills of the satellite speakers are magnetically shielded drivers with an aluminum phase plug. The phase plug focuses the acoustic energy, while dissipating heat making the speakers even more efficient. The subwoofer gives out deep & powerful bass, which means that watching movies, playing games or listening lớn music can be a truly explosive sầu experience.

‘The 200 watts RMS power produces excellent sound with little distortion.’

The 200 watts RMS power produces excellent sound with little distortion. Designed khổng lồ deliver the most accurate experience out of the box, these speakers are also THX certified. THX or ‘Tomlinson Holman’s Experiment’ means that these speakers had lớn go through various tests & benchmarks in order lớn pass the industry standards for sound reproduction systems.

What this entails for the consumer is that the speakers produce the sound that the audio engineer who worked on the film, game or album, intended for you lớn hear. The THX certification is an extremely difficult standard khổng lồ earn, so by purchasing a system with this approval guarantees the absolute best audio imaginable.

Gaming Speakers

If you’re in the market for a gaming speaker, there are some key elements that you’re probably looking for. You’d want detailed sound so you can hear your enemies sneaking behind you, & an immersive sầu experience that isn’t just loud distorted crackling noise.

The audio chất lượng that you get from the Z623’s is crystal clear, allowing you to hear your enemy footsteps in the background, with well-defined midranges & hard bass that makes you feel lượt thích you’re really in the action. The experience can be truly otherworldly, as you feel the air piercing sounds of bullets flying above sầu your head or grenades blowing up vehicles. Be warned not khổng lồ turn the volume up too loud or you might get your neighbors worried.

Logitech Z623 System requirements

The Logitech Z632 works with any of the following devices with either a headphone jachồng (3.5mm) or RCA inputs: