Đánh Giá Fujifilm X100F

This Fujifilm X100F đánh giá is by Fujifilm Ambassador Jonas Rask. Read on to lớn view sample images taken by Jonas withthe Fujifilm X100F, showing you what this incredible camera can do:

During this past year I have had the immense pleasure of testing and trying almost all of the newFujifilm X-series cameras.

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Even though I am easily smitten by the new shiny gadgets, I always go back to lớn the X-Pro và X100 line.

They’re simply the tools that are right for me. Sure you can get othercameras, more technically advanced cameras, faster focusing cameras, sturdier built cameras. But for methere are no better cameras!

TheFujifilm X100Fsparks my creativity, hence making it my photographic companion. It is the camera thatenables me khổng lồ capture my visionexactly how I want to lớn capture it.

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Functions & Features

Fujifilm X100F reviews – Introduction


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Pros Great fun lớn use Excellent image quality Useful hybrid viewfinder Improved speed over X100S USB charging option
Cons Autofocus could be faster Poor ergonomics
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The X100 series is still labeled as one of the all timebest compact digital camerasystems. It was never meant khổng lồ be anything else. But the truth is that with theFujifilm X100F,it is now just as powerful as the flagship cameras in the Fujifilm lineup: The X-Pro2 and XT2.

Some of you might think that this is a small update lớn the camera line, but that really depends on your point of view. Compared to the X-Pro2, theX100F is just basically catching up.

Compare it khổng lồ the X100T that it’s replacing & you have the samemassive spec upgradethat you had going from the XT1 khổng lồ theFujifilm XT2.

New sensor, new processor, same size, same lens – that’s basically it! So I can stop writing now?! Not really! The X100F represents the single largest spec update to lớn the X100 series since the original 12MP bayer sensor version.

TheFujifilm X100Fis thesharpest looking,best operatingandmost versatileversion of the X100 series yet. And that is no small feat in my book.



When you talk about the X100 series, there’s no getting around it the industrial design – it’s the thing that initially got so many photographers looking in the direction of the second digital coming of Fujifilm.

Mr.Masazumi Imai created a true icon when he first designed the X100. – Imai-san and his designteam at Fujifilm have kept incredibly true lớn the original concept of the X100 through all the generational interactions of the camera.

TheFujifilm X100Fis no different. However they have done a lot khổng lồ streamline the design and make it akin the X-Pro2. When you look at the lines of the camera there is so much of a resemblance that it really looks like a smaller và more refined X-Pro2.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the changes.

On the front, the letter of generation indication is no more (good riddens!). The OVF/EVF selection lever now has larger center that serves asa function button. The LED AF illuminator has been moved up next to the flash, and made square. There is now an added front selector dial. The đứng đầu line now has a 45 degree angle on the hotshoe/selector dial transition area. The ISO/Shutter tốc độ selector dial from the X-Pro2 has found its way through lớn the X100F as well (YAY!).


The back of the camera has really been cleaned and tidied from a thiết kế standpoint. The screen has been moved lớn the far left, and just with the X-Pro2 you can right-hand operate the entire thing.

Fujifilm also fitted the selector joystick-knob-thingy. Buttons are super well laid out with one exception & a constant irritation for me – the Q button. I would REALLY like for it to lớn be an assignable Fn button for AE-L instead!

Material wise its still an all metal housing and lens. The silver argent coating is a little different from its predecessors. Its a little bit more shiny, và it looks more refined. Less plastic’y.


The size/weight distribution makes theFujifilm X100Ffeel solid and exclusive without being too heavy.

It feels lượt thích ahigh kết thúc productthrough & through và is versatile enough lớn be recommended as one of thebest travel cameras.

Design-wise this camera just makes so much sense. It’s like a tiny X-Pro2, và that is seriously a good thing! Daddy’s impressed.

Functions và Features


So let’s start by mentioning a function that is NOT in the package. There is no weather resistance in theFujifilm X100F.

I hoped that there would be, but I’m not impervious to lớn the fact that it would have meant alarger camera as a result of implementing such a thing.

If weather sealing is what you require in your Fujifilm camera you will need lớn look closer at the X-Pro2 – XF23mm f/2 combo.

That being said, the X100 cameras take quite a bit of weather without caving.

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Teleconverters on the Fujifilm X100F


The photo above is a first for me. TheFujifilm X100Fproves prettyawesome in a portrait session, especially with theFujifilm TCL-X100 teleconversion lens. Also, the 23mm field of view can showroom something a bit different to lớn the scene.

Soon Fujifilm will launch a new mix of conversion lenses: he Fujifilm WCL-X100 II và the Fujifilm TCL-X100 II. Optically these conversion lenses are not too different from the mark 1 versions, but they differ by one cool feature – the camera can now detect if you attach either of them, and add correction khổng lồ the files accordingly. The old versions still fit perfectly, but you have to enable the corrections in the menu as before.

A new thing is the Digital Tele Converter. You can phối it to lớn 50mm eq & 75 mm eq and it will give you an up-scaled 24mp file with the corresponding crop. This function is only available in jpeg mode.

I wrote about this function in myX70 reviewand it’s basically the same. I would love for Fujifilm to implement this in RAW files as well, so you get a predefined 16MP 50mm eq crop và 12 mp 75mm eq crop when you load your RAW files (just like theLeica Qdoes)

The function works very well, và is very handy if you don’t want to bởi vì your cropping in post.

EVFon the Fujifilm X100F


An incredible new feature on theFujifilm X100Fis the small EVF window within the OVF mode that was introduced with theFujifilm X100T, which can now can show the ENTIRE 100% view of the image (not just the zoomed in center portion).

You switch between the view modes by pressing the rear dial. It’s a great little twist, và I’ve found itincredibly useful.

Autofocus on the Fujifilm X100F


TheFujifilm X100Fhas the same focus system as the X-Pro2. It means you now havefast and precise auto-focuswith zone mode, center mode & wide tracking mode.

TheFujifilm X100Fauto-focus works just as well as on the X-Pro2, so if you have tried that, you will know what to expect. I don’t miss shots because of the auto-focus on Fujifilm cameras anymore.

The Continuous shooting menu now has 4 settings. L(ow),M(edium), H(igh) và S(uper)H(igh) – Respectively 3, 4, 5 & 8 fps.

In all modes, when you quickly press the shutter, it only takes one image.

ISOon the Fujifilm X100F


For those of you who enjoy the AutoISO function, it’s worth noting that minimum shutter speed in auto ISO has been raised on theFujifilm X100Fto 1/500s (previously it was 1/125s).

This is a good thing, và for those who dislike the ISO wheel of the X-Pro2, you now have an option lớn use the front command dial as ISO selector, so when you phối ISO command dial khổng lồ A you can scroll the front command dial khổng lồ change ISO.

You can select tự động ISO by scrolling all the way past the high ISO settings, & there you will find the 3 tự động ISO settings.

I really like the dedicated ISO function so I will probably never use auto ISO,but here’s to lớn Fujifilm listening to lớn what the people want. Big thumbs up on that!

Film Simulation on the Fujifilm X100F


Of course we now have the one film simulation that I love above all the others –Acros!I have written about its fantastic features, tonality, and light-level-based grain controlhere.

It’s absolutely fantastic khổng lồ have this film simulation in theFujifilm X100F, especially because you cannot emulate the grain control in post – it has to be done by the X-Processor Pro in camera.

So khổng lồ finally have Acrosin my favourite camera series isbloody marvelous! All my black và white images are shot as Acros jpeg and then tweaked in post processing.

Other features ofthe Fujifilm X100F


The thực đơn system, flash menu and general operation of theFujifilm X100Fis exactly lượt thích the X-Pro2. It’s really great that Fujifilm finally found a consistent platform across cameras, và it makes you feel right at home when you have multiple camera models.

There are many things lớn love about the X100 series –the hybrid viewfinder, the leaf shutter & built in ND filter aretrulyamazing features, và of course they kept these featuresaround in theFujifilm X100F.

The leaf shutter is almost inaudible, but doesn’t give you rolling shutter as the inaudible electronic shutter does.

The 3 stop ND filter will actually let you shoot wide mở cửa at 1/1000th sec while syncing the flash at that speed in daylight. Check out the image below shot in full sun – who needs High-Speed Sync,right?


Fujifilm changed the battery types for theFujifilm X100F. It now takes theFujifilm NP-W126 rechargeable batteryand theFujifilm NP-W126s rechargeable battery. Again, an excellent streamlining of the sản phẩm line.