Đánh giá atom editor

Atom is flexible, has a small footprint, và can be extensively hacked và modified. Atom’s package system makes finding custom user-made configurations simple, và it can include syntax highlighting & auto suggestions for almost any language.

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Gotta make languages your friends.

A good text editor does more than just inspect and verify one programming language. A text editor that doesn’t have much in the way of language tư vấn can be the greachạy thử ứng dụng the world has ever seen & still be wrong for your needs if you don’t code in one of the languages it understands. Your dream editor should be able lớn work with many languages without reduced functionality.

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You won’t be at a loss for words when you tweak your code with Atom editor. Atom supports all sorts of popular languages for syntax highlighting và, with the help of custom packages, won’t blink at your more esoteric ones, either. Node.js, CSS, and JavaScript are just a few of the languages you can use with Atom. And if you need tư vấn for a language that doesn’t come stock? There’s bound to be an open-source package lớn add that skill to lớn your copy of Atom. It gets top marks for multilingualism.

So there you have sầu it, you crazy kids. Using a quality code editor is crucial if you want the power to lớn create respectable websites and programs in a hurry, and Atom is an editor of choice for many.

Is Atom free?

Yes! Atom is an easy-to lớn use, open source, fully customizable text editor. Some of its customizations include debugging và compiling features through extensions và plug-ins. Best of all, it is completely miễn phí.