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There were six investigators; four of them were trained anthropologists, the other two were trained for this purpose.
Regrettably, some anthropologists have begun to silence their own voices, ostensibly to create spaces for indigenous voices, but ultimately to everyone"s detriment.
For a long time, linguistic anthropologists have argued against equating a population that shares a linguistic code with the status of an ethnic unit.
Certainly economists should contribute something to understanding how human society developed, and here, economists have to cooperate with anthropologists and others.
Although clinicians are not trained ethnographers, the task they face is very similar to that of an anthropologist trying to understand an unfamiliar culture.
Numerous archaeologists and anthropologists have queried and explored the differences and overlaps between "foraging" and "farming" societies - including many important contributions by the present commentators.
Economists have historically been unsympathetic to the work of sociologists or cultural anthropologists, particularly where they declaim scientific ambition.
Some of the most creative approaches to measuring human rights have been pioneered by interdisciplinary teams of sociologists, anthropologists, economists, political scientists, statisticians and others.
For an anthropologist, these chapters are somewhat unsatisfying to read, given the lack of attention to place, cultural context or differences among ethnic groups.
This is an emotional truth which often seems to defy the interpretations of archaeologists, historians or anthropologists.
We can"t leave language to psychologists, anthropologists and others - they don"t know enough about it.
Sociologists (and anthropologists) went into the laboratory and made detailed studies of how science is done; how (what counts as) scientific knowledge is produced.
She includes individuals and groups who identify themselves as autochthonous, or original peoples, as well as groups so identified by archaeologists, historians or anthropologists.

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